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An Inconvenient Death, by Francesca Quarto

"Why is that bird in my bird bath, so selfish?" she asked in that strident tone that locked his jaw and made his teeth grind. "Where is that wretched servant? I need more tea! Likely off with my steward. I've spied the two of them sneaking about the kitchen...

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The Necromancer's Lament by Francesca Quarto

I ran through the howling night, battered by a piercing sleet, tripping on slick rocks along the river's edge. She can't be gone...She can't be gone. Thunder boomed around me, a few heart beats later, streaking bolts of lightning lacerated the inky blackness...

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The Gardner: Another Tall Tale

"Once, many cycles and seasons past, the first in our beloved King Barlow's line, reigned over a few goats, a small heard of cows, an unruly flock of chickens, four crowded hutches of lop-eared rabbits and oh, yes...a garden without equal anywhere in...

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Bad Wishes:: Another Tall Tale

For most of her eighteen summers, Prudence wore her loneliness like a second skin. Binding her long face tightly in a permanent frown, slouching her shoulders into a sloped curve, moving stiffly, as if every breath and step would pull her apart. Third...

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Fantasy Sex in the Age of HBO

Reading a good book can do several mysterious things; things we are unaware of for the most part. It can stir the imagination from its electronic- age stupor; forcing it like a muscle, to pick up and lift weighty thoughts and ideas. It pokes holes in...

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