Book Signing Coming Up Soon! So What!?

Published on by Francesca Quarto

While a Book Signing may not be a big deal to is to the Authors that are on hand at the events.

They have to prepare for the day by prepping their tables; decorations, candy, bookmarks, free gifts, good pen, bottle of Jack Daniels (just making sure you are paying attention...)

They set out their books like a scrub nurse in an O.R.; every book lined up with surgical precision along with whatever signage on pricing sheets and maybe business cards with descriptive sayings such as "If my mother won't get to read this book, YOU'LL love it!"

In any case, when you wander over to an Author's table and she begins to describe the books story-line and gets carried away a bit...face lighting up, eyes shining like drugs may be involved...have no doubts...she is thrilled you want to read her words, devour her tales and well folks...BUY her books!!

February 27 at Books and Brews, 9402 Uptown Dr., Indy..1-6 Eat, Drink, Buy Books. What a great life!!

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