Hats off to the "Day Tripper"

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I know that somewhere in my past, there was a song with the title "Day Tripper" or at least, the phrase was part of the lyrics. Because I would probably mark myself as some carbon dated fossil, I won't try to explore the origin further.

Suffice it to say, I was ruminating over the many awesome women authors that have begun to inhabit my universe. Some, much younger than I, with the standard two point something kiddos; others, approaching middle-age like swaggering Toreadors (look it up...) and others still, retired and keeping their vitality peculating, by applying the rigors of writing to their mental workouts.

With the exception of the latter group, these women work in most instances, earning a paycheck by putting in whatever time their jobs require. Well, these are the day trippers as I define them. They have a nine to five and spend their days making their careers hum along some preordained path.

But I have to tell you, these women are dedicated to their writing careers and invest lots of energy in making it as authors. They find the discipline, the dedication and the desire to make something happen with their books and stories.

My hat is off to them all, because they spend their days as "Other", they can spend their off time as "Author".

Kudos to the Day Trippers out there!

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