Just Because You Can...Don't

Published on by Francesca Quarto

There have been more than enough rants on the state of the country, the state of politics and the state of the world. We all have our pet peeves and solutions to the great ills of the planet.

How about we fix just one little behavioral issue: my FaceBook Page!

I get it, that some folks use this social media for spiritual expression, others want to share family experiences, and some, like me, are getting the word out there about significant events and community happenings.

We all use FaceBook as our personal blackboards, writing and ranting, but just because it is seemingly written by invisible hands, does not mean it has no tangible effects.

I have been know to slip out of the "King's English" into some profanity when I'm just plain pissed off (See, there's one..) and, I am no prude, calling for a ban on books that may contain sexual material (after all, we All are here because of Sex) and I am a writer.

What really riles me is those folks that use lots of vulgar profanity, express personal bigotry as if it was a religion, post their bad taste in cartoons and are just plain uncivilized in their FaceBook Persona.

If you read this and think "I'm not posting to HER page again"...fine. I think the FaceBook Universe is crowded with too many people who write crap...Just Because They Can!

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