New Day, New Opportunity to Get It Right!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Who cares if yesterday was a total screw-up; from the grounds in your first cup of coffee, to eating that cold sweet and sour chicken right before bed. It's all good now!

You woke up didn't you? You got a cup of coffee that didn't need to be sifted through your teeth. And that cold Chinese food has made a final exit from your life.

I think we sometimes buy into the negative things that happen to us so completely, that when something positive happens, we miss it completely.

I'm not talking about earth shaking, momentous, life-altering experiences either. But the simple acts that bring comfort with their very ordinariness.

That list is going to be unique to each person of course. For me, I get to sit here at six in the morning, snuggled into my favorite ratty bathrobe, while I hammer away at my computer under the cone of light from by desk lamp.

There are no problems I need to fix from yesterday. I'm leaving them there in the shadows and sitting in today's promising light. It may not be much, but it's enough for now...where I am!

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