Writing For Your Life

Published on by Francesca Quarto

A friend of mine has admitted to a "writer's block". There is a wall between her and her creativity; the bridge is down that crossed the chasm from the mind to the solid story; the path to writing is interrupted by the toll booth of living; the...Oh well...you get the idea. Which is to say, she doesn't...get the idea that is!

If you believe writing is a profession for the faint of heart, we need to talk!The creative life of an author is as limitless as the sky; but when it clouds over with the emotions that rule us all, hate, fear, love, lack of love, jealousy, even happiness take a writer away from that bridge of imagination. We are as easily diverted from our task of fabrication as Samson was by Delilah. It's called the temptations of living as a human with all those mortal needs and desires and hungers.

So, like life, time will blow those clouds into new formations and maybe when she looks up again, she'll see a unicorn spiking the butt of a handsome ex-lover. You never know, where the next story comes from...

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