A Few Things To NEVER Tell A Writer

Published on by Francesca Quarto

So, there I was, talking to the smattering of folks coming to my table at a recent Book Signing. I'd spent the rainy night in something of a funk, reflecting the gloom of the evening as it passed in slow drips. Then it happened!

A group of women, mostly middle-aged, or a hair dye-job or twenty, older, were crowding in front of me. Some listened politely to my description of my book series, accepting my very attractive book marks, and moved on to other authors awaiting the same opportunity.

There was one woman who stayed behind, continuing to engage me in conversation. I am always thrilled when folks are interested in my work, so naturally I shared my love of writing and of books in any genre.

Ah ha! That's when this diva of the night turned a slightly dreary event, into a black hole and sucked away any positive energy I was beginning to feel.

Her: I never read!

Me: What?

Her: I hate reading books!

Me: Not ever? Not any kind of books? (I was nearly pleading with her)

Her: I never liked reading and so I don't buy books, ever.

Me: (Still shocked by such an admittance) You don't even read e books?

Her: Nope

Me: Cereal Boxes?

And so it went for a few minutes. It wouldn't have left me so shaken, if she had not looked so darned pleased with herself!

So another writer doesn't experience this pain I've put together a few DON'Ts for folks to follow:

*Don't ever say you don't read

*Don't act like this is a state of euphoria you totally desire

*Don't act dismissively regarding the hard work of being an author

*Don't accept Book Marks that cost hard-earned money just to toss them later and most of all:


There, I feel all better! Thanks fellow readers. I needed that!

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