Falling Leaves Have Nothing On Summer Breeze!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Sorry about the simple rhyme of my title (it is rather melodic), but upon waking up this morning, I realized we are one day closer to summer. Of course I know the Spring season has only just begun...and of course, it's wonderful to discover daily, the new buds and flowers popping up like tiny treasures all over my winter weary gardens.

Yes, this is a time of renewal and even hope.

Here's what I hope for, if you have the least interest in such things:

I hope my third book is finished in my series before I get suntan lotion on my Surface

I hope the back lawn is invaded by a bunch of sheep before I have to mow it

I hope certain relatives remember to bring lots of wine to our next family gathering

I hope the neighbor's teenagers run away and take their god-awful, non-muffled car, with them

I hope I can loose the "winter chubbies" before I have to don a bathing suit

I hope the dog walkers passing our little corner of the world pick up their pet's poop before my mower finds it

I hope the political season doesn't ruin my summer tan as I tend to be bent over laughing at all the idiocy on display

I hope all politicians look at their jobs like a summer internship and Leave before they grow roots in office

Oh, Dear! I'm just daydreaming now...actually I have one final hope to share;

I hope the Easter Bunny leaves you a good stash of chocolate and those little Bastard Peeps!

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