I Feel For the Rooster

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I usually adhere to a strict policy of never opining on the subject of politics, unless driven to it by Neanderthals who laud bad behavior as, just saying it like it is...whatever that means!

​If you think I am directly referring to a certain Republican contender in the three ring circus of caucus, celebrity and chauvinism...well, you are free to think whatever you please.

This is, thank God, a free country and many have died to keep it that way. I include our first responders in that tally too, not just our service men and women. Being free to go to a mall to shop, or a mosque to pray, is taken for granted because it is a right, like taking our next breath. But there are people who aren't us, putting on uniforms everyday to insure that we continue to shop and pray and breath.

It's Palm Sunday today and I was reminded how Peter was called out by Jesus for his future weakness and ultimate cowardice. In a foreshadowing of his behavior, Peter was told he'd hear a cock crow three times as he denied knowing Christ.

Sometimes it feels like denying a truth is as simple as changing our TV channels. It is easier to deny we know that spewing bigotry, or racism, can taint our political process. It is simpler to deny that the use of money like bullets can destroy a democracy while destroying enemies. And denying the people clear voices, of reasoned responses to issues, is a common method of quelling the very questions we need to be asking.

I feel sorry for that rooster; strutting around his dirt floor kingdom and calling to a sun he believed he owned. He never knew he was calling down condemnation for denial of truth itself!

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