Imagine You're A Gamer

Published on by Francesca Quarto

There's an entirely new lexicon thriving and indeed growing, in our society today. I've just about got it down to a few intelligible words, so that I don't step into the abyss that exists between my age of grace and their's of face...facetime that is!

Even my spell checker hates this new lingo, insisting I change my spelling to accommodate actual words appearing in the dictionary.

I have now unmasked some meanings in the abbreviated signals and jargon, that any preteen mastered before they could crawl.

Easy things like LOL, LMAO, OMG, had caused me some consternation, until I was able to decipher their meaning from the cryptic message that hung onto them like the unheard of exclamation point!

And then, just when life in the black hole called the INTERNET got a bit simpler, I heard about "gamers".

Was this a subgroup of Homo sapiens, I asked myself? From all reports, they are mostly nocturnal, enjoy many hours of pretending to be someone, or something else, and can act out their most hidden fantasies without fear of reprisal or ostracism. Sounds like a writer to me...but that was too easy!

I'm just grateful I now have a title that fits into the language of the age. OMG! I am so thrilled I LMAO before I put this out there for you to LOL!

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