Just Another Kind of Crazy!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

When you were growing up (as if that process is complete, right?) did you ever tell yourself how unfair it was that some kids got whatever they wanted. You were deprived of all your dreams, desires, fun, but most of all, freedom.

Being restricted as a young teen feels like having blinders put over your eyes and then being told to go out and discover the world. Or so I thought.

Now that I'm of a certain age, I see more clearly how nuts it is to try to control our ever curious young people. They need every kind of access to life that society and good parenting can provide. I do have a few reservations, however, about opening the door and letting the kids run out into the waiting unknowns.

What about giving them solid information about what lurks in those shadows of life; not just what they can find out about on FaceBook, or download from the "net", that ever-present entity that has scooped up all of our lives like minnows in a pail.

How about sharing actual conversations with them about the mundane, as well as the high-impact events they will surely encounter in their own lives. Hearing it, rather than reading about life in a text...wow...pretty radical thinking.

As a writer, I treasure the words of generations of thinkers, the insights of thousands who have come before me. As an author, I want others to enjoy my stories, perhaps even learn from my carefully chosen words. I fear that reading a book in whatever form it takes, will become a lost art like candle making, or correct grammar.

Young people are built to be inquisitive about life. They do need freedom to experience the good and bad, so they can discover for themselves the true value in the choices they make.

It is just another kind of crazy to think adults can push, squeeze, or shove, these free spirits down a certain path, but surely, as the adults in charge, we can set examples of lives well-lived. Too simplistic? I think I read it somewhere...

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