Talk much...Say little!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I am currently struggling to keep my descriptive narrative under control.

My third book is well past mid-tale and I am constantly trying to reign in a propensity to over-do the effort of setting a perfect mental picture for my reader, abusing their infinite patience with empty words. (pant...pant)

Oh, Lord! There I go again!

I do believe I have contracted a rare, but significant case of "Political Season Diatribe"!

The symptoms are quite recognizable: Opinionated Harangues, Public Temper Tantrums, Loud and Uncontrollable Fear Mongering, Unbridled Sniping and Mud Slinging, Disregard for Civil Public Discourse and to top it all off (as if those symptoms are not dire enough) I've begun wearing my hair in an awful comb-over so that now I resemble a daffy duck! Sigh...

Stay tuned folks; this could get really hairy (no pun intended...)

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