The Magic of Imagination

Published on by Francesca Quarto

On occasion, I find myself trying to explain to a curious friend or relative, just how I came to write Urban Fantasy. One individual (happily not related) went so far in his probing of my genre choice, as to accuse me of smoking "wacky tobacky" when seeking inspiration for my stories.

Shades of Edgar Allan Poe! He used his drugs to unlock his dark muse; I have only my own imagination to rely upon. That and the really well trodden roads of the innumerable writers that came before me.

It's been said "There is nothing new under the sun." Well, I beg to differ with that particular observation of life; at least as it reflects on the creative life I'm living, through my writing.

Every person who commits a thought to a communicative form such as writing, singing, painting, dance, and all other conveyance of the human condition, has shared a new and unique kind of Magic. It may all be called coffee, but no two cups taste exactly the same from store to store, pot to pot. (not that kind of pot...)

I hope my books connect on lots of levels for my readers. Mostly, I hope they feel the Magic while they free their minds and explore a new world, created by words and imagination.

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