What's a Wiccan... And Other Mysteries

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Please don't go jumping to conclusions here...I am no expert on the religion known since ancient times as "Wicca". Here are a few salient facts I do know through some modest research:

Wicca is a protected religion under the laws of our land and, therefore, accepted as a viable form of worship.

Wicca is nature centered, looking to the natural world and all its elements and seasons to guide religious ceremonies and beliefs.

Wicca is older than Christianity.

These few tidbits stimulated my curiosity enough to inspire me to write "Dangerous Dreaming", Book 2 in my "Witch of Appalachia" series. Now, this is not a plug for my book, merely a way to illustrate how we can sometimes take something mysterious and turn it into a familiar experience in our lives.

In actuality, I find some ordinary occurrences, more mystical in their existence, than I do something as esoteric as an ancient, pagan religious practice.

Want an example? How about modern politics. Not unlike Machiavelli's The Prince, (another wonderful book!) today's political battle ground is strewn with the careers and often, reputations, of many a would-be leader. These individuals could have begun their public service with characters as pure as Sir Lancelot's (look how he ended,,,) but almost magically, they are turned into ogres, threatening public safety and American society. I do believe some of these folks would fit that description of ogre, but that's not my place to say out loud!

I hate talking politics, so let's switch back to religions. It's a mystery to this writer, how rabid killers like ISIS can label their brand of mayhem and madness as a religious calling. What kind of God would sanction the murder of innocents in His own name? They need to go back and study their Koran for the religious facts. If these thugs are experiencing any spiritual uplifting, it must be due to magic mushrooms!

There is nothing more mysterious than what lies inside the imagination of a child except perhaps, the mystery of the ages...love. Every bard and troubadour, every poet and lyricist has praised this jewel of all mysteries. They've also scorned it, damned it, blessed it and forever sought to explain it. No one has come even close to the magic that can transform the very way we see someone we love. In fact, it even transforms us!

Well, there you are. A few mysteries that keep me cogitating upon the nooks and crannies that built my life. Got any mysteries you want to share?

Drop by and bend my ear. I have a muse and we'll both listen!

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