Who can trump this play?

Published on by Francesca Quarto

So, there I was, thinking I had the perfect play in a card game called Euchre. It went around the table and slid by two players (one being my partner). I was getting ready to scoop up the cards as the winner of the "trick", when the second opponent slammed down the ultimate happy buzz in this game; she trumped my play and took the trick!

I'm certain you are thinking I'm going to carry out the references to "trump" and "trumping",with some witty word-play on a certain political juggernaut, maybe I am.

After all, according to Webster's Dictionary, the definition of "juggernaut is "any large (he has already claimed He was large, in front of a watching world), overpowering, (he can shout down a house and does so with much regularity,) destructive force or object " (perhaps the Republican party would like to take that one on...).

Of late, I have wished I had the innate ability to be a political cartoonist, but alas, talent always will trump the dreamer!

I hope there's some savvy artist out there that can draw something with the caption :

"Be careful what you wish for".

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