A Whimper In the Garden

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I went outside yesterday...you remember where "outside" is don't you? It's that large open space that had been shriveled up by the cold, snow, sleet and whatever else winter could throw at it.

But somehow, the miracle of Spring happened; seemingly overnight!

Yup...there they were! Tulips, crocus, hyacinths, forsythia blooms, pear trees in delicate white flowers. It was a pallet of colors that Mother Nature splashes around so generously this time of year. Sort of a reward to Her winter-blown children for being so stalwart and not turning into raving loons with cabin fever.

Yes, it is a time of renewal and celebration of life...but NOT this year!

We have been hearing the roar of sharp winds, seen the green grasses cringing under a dusting of snow or frost, and I'm not kidding... I've even heard the whimper of pain coming from the flowers struggling mightily to endure. Their pots look more like grave markers now!!

I think our Spring has been hijacked folks...taken from under our dripping noses (allergies, don't you know...).

With this dreary realization, we must now turn to the political field (as fallow as it may lie) to cultivate our thoughts and stimulate the growth of our civil rights and duties.

But hey, not unlike a good garden, it has proven very colorful, this electioneering process. There's been plenty of good dirt to spread around, too. Just have to watch all the hot wind blowing from various orifices and the heavy doses of manure can really get to you!

Happy Spring Mr Robin! (Hey, looks like he's wearing his feathers in a weird comb-over. hmmm)

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