An Opinion is Never Free

Published on by Francesca Quarto

​You may have noticed that on the rare occasion, I have offered up my opinion on things ranging from the mundane of everyday life, to the sublime moments of inspiration.

The latter category, can incorporate the former, creating a kind of hybrid of reality.

For example, politics can be, and often is, everyday fare;not very intellectually stimulating to the thinking citizen.

Or it can be as inspirational as the view from the top of Niagara Falls.

Unfortunately, there is the dizziness that can and often does occur while peering into the heart of that raging torrent of water. The mist, rising up from the very force of the water's plunge, is enough to blur one's vision while standing in awe of the mighty power.

Ah, and so it can be with our politicians today and probably down through time immemorial. I'm sure a statesman of Cicero's eloquence, now and again slipped into a kind of ho-hum recital of his views. If Caesar had been less talkative and more attentive to what others were whispering, he might have had a better day in March.

I dare say, we have no orators giving stump speeches on par with the two Roman citizens, but it is a bit unnerving to hear our current lot of high office seekers turn to the trivial affairs of men, rather than focusing on the important affairs of state. I really don't believe most people are interested in such mundane criticisms of wives looks, hair styles, or suspected peccadillo ( well, maybe a little of that...).

I think we need to elevate our political discourse to a more sublime state. We need to hear talk of visions that can be achieved, lives that can be improved. and a country that will stand for the highest values in a civilized society.

This is just my humble opinion and it wasn't free. If you read the whole thing it probably cost you two minutes out of your busy life. If you think about it add on another two(for the deep thinker). Just sayn'....

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