Are You Looking For Me?

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Are You Looking For Me?

It's possible you don't realize it; you may be totally unaware. So, here are the facts as I see them:

1) I am a published Author (Can you hear the trumpets blaring and the noise of the crowds swelling to a fever pitch?)

2) I do public Book Signings around the area (This would include gas stations if I get really desperate)

3) My life as a writer is akin to that of a Geisha Girl (Well painted, with all the trappings and little real, personal glory)

4) I use a pen name (My Editor didn't fancy my husband's and he readily returns the favor)

5) I have published the first two books in my series and can be found on Amazon (Where you can also order your next set of dinnerware and very cerebral paintings of puppies and kittens, if you haven't had your fill on FaceBook)

6) If you want really cool stuff with my book covers emblazoned across them you can go to Tell-Tale Publishing's Web site and order (The mugs are great, the T Shirt makes me look like a follower of Marvel Comics. Not that that is a bad thing...)

7) I am nearly done with the first draft of Book III in my series and wished I had dropped mental bread crumbs so I could find my way through the maze of plot twists (Sometimes, my imagination needs to be hamstrung like Achilles!)

8) I am now hunting down viable Book Signing venues (The Mobile Stations are not amenable it appears)

9) If you have a locale that seems reasonably placed (somewhere in our galaxy) and are interested in a fairly accomplished entertainer (my shadow puppets are amazing) I am now available at no charge to your establishment (I only charge for an appearance when folks think I'm related to Sophia Loren)

10) You can drop me a tweet at @FrancescasMagic or

My Web Site is

This ad has been approved by me (There was really no sense in objecting was there...)

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