Fighting Impulses

Published on by Francesca Quarto

We are taught early on in our lives, that we can't give into our every little impulse. You just can't haul off and slug an annoying little sister, no matter how tempting that might be. Such aggressive behavior won't be tolerated in a civilized society and parents must reinforce that social bond on a daily basis.

Well, at least that's what I always believed, based on my own experience.

I like to rise with the local bird population; awake enough to make my first cup of coffee and late enough to remember to add the cream. This ritual also allows me the time to peruse the headlines, and the news-makers, that are shaping the world, or slapping it around like a soccer ball.

There looks to be little restraint being practiced out there, and unfortunately, even less concern expressed by our civilized society.

I thought maybe I was missing something in my interpretation of what "civilized" means when used to describe a people or country. So, here's my good old friend Webster on that issue:

"Civilized" to bring out of a savage, uneducated state; enlighten,or refine"...Ah Ha! I am vindicated!

There is little refinement in our current political brouhaha; the public has had little to enlighten their views of real issues of concern to our country in today's world.

I dare say, when I view some of the behavior of some of those who have put themselves forward as potential leaders, I hear a savage drum beat stirring up the masses.

But, I will fight the impulse to go on. You get the point.

I appreciate the lessons I learned as a little girl. Fighting to be seen and heard in a large family teaches you that diversity is good, parenting isn't for sissies and the only thing really relative in life, is living it well.

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