Good Advice...Real Cheap

Published on by Francesca Quarto

After twenty minutes of scrolling through my FaceBook postings...time that could have been spent writing my book... I finally came across something of real worth.

As much as I enjoy the cute animal babies interacting with darling human babies, and of late, the assorted political arguments from God, I find most can be pretty mundane stuff.

As a writer, I am constantly mining the often dark cave of the INTERNET for information and background material; food for the imagination you might say. Unfortunately, there's lots of "junk food" out there too, so I try not to over-indulge.

I draw the line at a half-hour of reading FaceBook posts. After that, I am fairly bloated with cute, tired of rants, chants, plants and other human activity.

I'm wondering how many people are crawling around out there, waiting to photograph a tulip as the sun lights it Picasso's I call them.

And the political season has every passionate (read opinionated) individual, making loud, uneducated pronouncements on what our country needs.

And though I appreciate spiritual uplifting from time to time, there is a tsunami of preachy zealots out there riding the wave of discontent. When Jesus sent out his Disciples to preach the Word...I wonder if he included FaceBook in that command?

So, back to the good advice I found among the plethora of noise makers:

"When I get old, I'm leaving small bags of treats scattered around the floors of my house, in case I fall and can't get up."

Brilliant! See, there are some smart people out there in the world! Glad my thirty minutes wasn't up before I found them!

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