Just Pile On the Hurt!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

The news never seems to change from day to day. There are frequent reports of what has been called "social unrest" from all parts of the globe. Throw in horrific wars, disease, flotillas of refugees, corrupt politicians; well, you get the point. The list goes on and sounds like a dirge for the human race and its continued existence on this planet!

I've decided to try my hand at interpreting the meaning of one of the more ubiquitous news threads; Religious Fanaticism.

Like a benign Mardi Gras mask, concealing the real face beneath, religion has been strapped onto the true face of terrorism, as easily as the suicide bombs they carry into a shopping Mall.

They may call out some iconic religious prayer to bless their act of barbarism, but even then, the mask begins to slip. Any civilized person would have to ask what God would sanction such acts of murder and mayhem?

I don't want to focus this tiny spotlight of a blog, solely onto the "barbarians at the gate", so to speak.

Our own political rhetoric is over-blown with unyielding interpretations of moral and social dilemmas that even a seven year old might question. The law of the land can't be ignored, but it can be changed through established legal methods.

You can't cherry-pick what you'll follow and what you'll disregard because you see things differently than our legally appointed courts and legislators. No religion covers that kind of anarchy.

But, this is a free country let us not forget. We are free to say pretty much everything and anything. No matter how offensive, controversial, or downright stupid!

I say, God Bless our America; while it's still ours...Go on, pile on the bad news. We can take it. After all, we are still free to turn off the TV!

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