March forgot to leave!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

So, here I am, trying to give some long over-due attention to my new book and I am being distracted by the sound of spring...that is,if spring sounds like category 5 tornado!

I just do not understand springtime in the Heartland.

The flowers are all doing exactly what one would expect in these early balmy days; blooming, shooting up toward the sun. The Pear and Magnolia trees are in full regalia. My tulips are sheltering tightly curled flowers, just waiting for the perfect moment to unfurl in a kaleidoscope of color.

As I listen to the high-velocity wind gusts tearing at doors and rattling windows, I fear this screaming power of nature will decimate my fragile blooms.

​So why should I care about something I have no control over, you may ask? (if you are the inquisitive type). I think because I hate loosing the experience of seeing flowers waving in the breeze, after a long winter of dreary days, colored in the monotony of gray.

I will say this for the blustery weather that hammers away at my azaleas; it makes my coffee that much more enjoyable. Besides, I'm not ready to give up my sweats just yet; have to deal with the extra pounds that blew in with the winter winds!

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