My Favorite Movie Line and Why!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I am not what you can call a true movie buff. I can't tell you the names of Directors, or remember half the time, who starred in certain so-called block-busters.

I have my Netflix and, on occasion, enjoy watching over-wrought young women being pursued by over-muscled young Vampires, (mostly males), while I get nowhere fast on my Tread Mill.

When I really think about it, that is a great metaphor for what's happening during this political season. We are getting nowhere fast as the election of our next President, our next world leader, looms ever closer.

I sure wish I could switch channels, or stop the political machines as they grind away, mostly shredding the democratic political process and turning the mush into great mud for slinging!

But I'm just one voice, in a vast desert of dried-up thinking.

I am reminded of that one great movie line, however. I even remember who said it; Shirley McClain in "Fried Green Tomatoes" (I think...feel free to correct me). She was angry at some guy and said "I hope he eats shit and dies!" That's kind of prophetic since there seems to be an abundance of manure out there and people seem hungry for more of the same.

Oh, please forgive the use of the "s" word it was a direct quote and I felt you were all grown up enough to see it used in this gentle manner. I didn't throw it at you after all!

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