Parenting Revisited!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Many years ago, when I believed the Tooth Fairy was kind of cheap considering all the suffering I went through to give up a tooth; and I didn't really want Santa Claus creeping around my house, like some chubby burglar pervert, checking out the good kids as they slept (although this was not likely in my case, since I was mostly on the naughty side of his hit list)...

I did believe in one childhood myth completely!

My parents were immortal and though subject to fits of discipline, they created my safe place just by being there.

Losing the very people who helped create me and introduced me to the world was like no other experience before or since.

I was so fortunate that my parents actually liked me most of the time and encouraged me to better myself outside of prowling a mall. They saw something in me that I was too close to see; potential. Such a powerful word that! It holds the promise of things that could change your life; change you as a person.

Looking at me as someone with the possibility of doing something significant with my life, must have taken a true leap of faith on their part. I was never much for studying when there was a tempting novel calling out to be read and who needs math anyway?

When I lost my parents they were quite elderly and had emptied their nest long before. It really didn't matter that they weren't in my day to day life any longer; they were in my world.

I always looked forward to hearing their voices, their distinctive laughs, I felt the smile in my heart with every sweet word of praise, or encouragement they offered.

I wish they were still with me in the physical sense, but when I look into a mirror now, I know they are.

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