Sibling Day???Really???

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Don't take this the wrong way. I love my brothers and sisters, but what the heck is "Sibling Day" and when the heck was it confirmed as yet another, American Moment!!??

There I was, perusing the usual religious messaging, watching the cat and puppy videos, and reading words of wisdom from everyday FaceBook Pals, when I started seeing pictures of them with their assorted siblings!

What the h---?! (I thought to myself as I hardly ever waste profanity on an empty room).

I hate being caught off-guard like this. I like to believe I am a well-informed person. I'm a writer for heaven's sake! After viewing the pictures,I saw a pattern forming.

Most photos were from the time these folks were barely out of diapers; others, looked like the grown-up kids had emptied a few wine bottles together. And then there was the smaller group of pictures, of aged faces, smiling gamely into the camera for posterity. These are the ones I could relate to best.

Growing older with the brothers and sisters who helped define your childhood and family is a wonderful blessing. They are like living memory banks of a life so far in the past, that it might belong to someone else. Of course, there are always discrepancies between their memories and yours. But the different versions of of the past make it that much better for stories shared around that next bottle of wine!

Happy "Sibling Day" a bit late to all my various underlings...I mean siblings...!!

I hope I'm more prompt next year, but if not, perhaps I'll be on time for the "National Hamster Day" or the "National Comb-Over Day" or "Ground Hog Day"...Oh! missed that one too!!

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