Sleep Is For The Birds!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I get up with the birds...literally! Those little buggers begin stirring, when the first light begins to push against the dark sky, on its way to sunrise.

It's all very glorious indeed...unless you wanted to sleep past this time of awakening on our side of the planet!

The chirping and calling and birdsong is all very well and good. However, this cacophonous greeting of the new day by my feathered neighbors, has on many an occasion, brought me to full alert and out of bed.

To add insult to injury, once I am up, my first cup of coffee in hand, the birds seem to quiet down...their job of getting me out of bed completed.

I admit, I am somewhat of an early riser myself, but I employ a gradual, more civilized process of waking into the dawning of each day. It's a pleasure to think about getting out of bed, and then allowing yourself a few minutes of luxurious dozing! This is clearly not a treat the birds believe in.

It is always a good thing to understand the world around us and its processes, so we can adjust our lives and responses accordingly. I have come to the realization after many years of wondering why I am not getting enough rest...sleep is obviously for the birds!

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