What's a muse supposed to do?

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I really enjoy the weekly humorous shows I find on National Public Radio. Some of the unscripted comments are almost worth an hour of listening to the bad news of the day beforehand.

I finally figured out, there is no humor without the muse of human foibles to guide it.

So what is a muse to do, when some people would rather explode like a water balloon, than see the farce that is being acted out daily?

Now, before you take my use of the word farce the wrong way, let's go to our handy Webster's Dictionary. Ah ha!...and I quote: "farce...based on unlikely situations and exaggerated effects, foolish or meaningless show..."

We need only look to our current and seemingly endless political season, to recognize a farce on a national scale. The nightly news can provide real belly laughs, or at least, a few giggles if you follow the comments of candidates and their spokespeople. (Guess they need folks to interpret for them as they speak a different language)

If you are thinking that we don't really need a muse to inspire weakness in human character; I agree. We seem to be prone to hearing what we want to hear even if it is so ridiculous and far fetched that it's downright hilarious!

There you have that muse... hard at work!

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