Published on by Francesca Quarto

Now that the title of today's Post has lured you like a Grizzly to jumping salmon, I should probably explain.

If you've ever had the pleasure of a leisurely amble along an ocean shore, you might have come across small, translucent blobs, randomly scattered over the wet sand. Most likely, these were a kind of jelly fish.

Not being an oceanographer, my quick take on those little critters will have to suffice and anyway, I don't want to look up the Latin name. (feel free to pursue on your own)

I have been told by a more knowledgeable person, (They can swim...I am bi-pedal only) that these smallish creatures have quite a surprise in store for the unwary footfall!

The jellyfish, with its long, stringy tentacles, can sting like a warrior bee guarding his queen! (I made that up I think).

In any case, the sting from these innocuous aquatic jellies, hurts like the devil, turning your delightful stroll into a spontaneous war dance (Again, with the warrior metaphor...geesh).

So, how is all of this relevant to me as a writer? Well, to start with, I am ultimately a true observer of the life around me. Perhaps I missed the blob on the beach by mere inches, but if the fellow I'm walking with wasn't as fortunate, I have learned a lesson:

"Always follow in the footprints of other greats and be humble enough to appreciate their pain."

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