A Day For Just About Everything!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Walking down the Greeting Card isles of my local market, I realized the store had dedicated a huge space to this particular item. After five minutes of perusing said cards, it was easy to identify the need for so many selections.

There are more "special days" to be acknowledged and celebrated, than messages to type "Amen" and be saved, on my FaceBook page!

I scanned the categories offered to customers who, upon purchase, would be forced to use an old fashioned ink pen (yuck), write a note (Yikes!) and snail-mail a card (where's the post office?!).

There was the usual Birthday card category; now broken down into sub-categories of humorous, age-appropriate, romantic, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, mom, dad...you get the idea.

The same designations apply to Anniversaries, Just Retired, New Home, Sympathy, Graduations and any universally recognized holiday like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and the all important Sweetheart's Day (Created so card companies could kill even more trees no doubt! But then, I could be miffed because no one has ever remembered me on that particular day!)

So, I asked myself, who invents these special occasions? Who benefits from receiving a card that is signed, sealed, and delivered, without a key stroke or pass word being employed.

Then I remembered my Mother's Day cards received over the years... and had my answer.

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