Beckoning the Gods!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Since the dawning of man's ability to put two stones and two branches together to build a rudimentary place of worship, mankind has envisioned powers outside of his own meager reaction to his environment.

It's really quite a primitive response to disaster, disease, threat to life and limb, that kicks into play, when confronted with the seriously scary.

Sometimes, these powers were personified by imbuing forces of nature with the powers of the supernatural. The sun god, Ra, was a deification of a heavenly body by Egyptians over a period of time. The Druids worshiped in sacred groves where stands of trees put them in touch with the mighty forces of nature.

Today, I am calling on one of the most powerful forces in our universe: the imagination.

The process of writing is akin to sculpting living ideas out of the bedrock of the mind; using imagination like a chisel, to fashion and design another kind of world to inhabit.

As an author of Urban Fantasy, I enjoy the challenge of creating a vivid scenario of the natural flow of life and the unexpected forces that try to tear it apart. Good versus evil is too simplistic to my mind. It's more of a power struggle for dominance over man's concept of his own humanity. Should man desire to beckon the gods, or should he become a god?

It never ends well when humans lose sight of their fragility in the greater scheme of life. Something my characters find out just as the Dark reclaims them for eternity.

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