Book Flies

Published on by Francesca Quarto

I was doing a Book Signing not long ago, sitting behind my well-appointed table of books, candy, bookmarks and a big smile, when I began to notice people's reactions to my presence.

I don't consider myself a particularly scary looking person and I was careful to dress according to the culture of most book stores.

No rhinestone earing dangling to my shoulders, no peace signs tattooed on my forehead and definitely no flowered print dress making me look like part of a plant arrangement!

All in all, I was pleased with the flow of traffic, that is, until I began noticing the folks that sort of cruised on by; looking back occasionally, as if checking their rear view mirrors!

I wanted to shout out "Yes! I'm still here!"

I was beginning to feel like a store mannequin, garnering lots of vague looks, but recognized as non-humanoid.

So, feeling a tad other-worldly, I penned a brief poem to take a small bit of revenge and besides, I had nothing better to do at the time,

Here it is:

Book Flies

Sitting at a local book store

My own penned words on clear display

People look at my table

from the corner of their eye

Coming close enough to inspect,

but never to light.

Not enough food for thought...perhaps?

by Author and Occasional Fly Trap

Francesca Quarto

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