But Have You Read the Book!?

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Everyone and I mean everyone, has an opinion on books vs movies when it comes to adaptation of the former into the later. It seems many prefer to visual art of the cinema, to the mental creation needed to make a book come alive. But I have my theory on this phenomenon and it doesn't involve the movie-house popcorn!

With the birth of the Internet and all the hub-bub of social media and communications, I believe, we, as social creatures, are morphing into sentient beings with a dwindling capability to IMAGINE!!

Sitting in a darkened theater is an experience I always enjoy if the movie is entertaining, and I don't feel like I just blew $25 on stale popcorn and tickets.

But let's face it, it takes zero imagination to experience the story being portrayed on the screen, especially with today's special effects blasting our eyeballs and bursting our eardrums! We are being visually and audibly submerged in enough stimuli to rock a Stones concert, while our brains are put under the numbing spell of "movie magic".

I agree, a great movie is an experience worth the cost, but I have to say, reading a great book can be...well...life changing.

When was the last time a movie made you think in depth about anything of social significance? Was it enough to change how you saw yourself, or how you wanted to see yourself? Can movies inspire that kind of reaction or impetus?

Well, is that even what the producers, directors, actors or studios even want from their movies? Nope...it's all about the money. If it happens to be entertainment worth the cost, that's a bonus.

Sure, it sounds cynical and it's only my take, but there you have it. I won't be getting any free movie passes any time soon, oh, well...

But back to my premise that books are the best conduits to the imagination, to the inner life of an individual, to reflective change in our lives.

People have told me they always imagine the voices of the characters in a book and see the backdrop and color. They have tapped into the special human talent and ability, to conjure up a world outside of our reality. Maybe you think your dog can imagine a bone, but I doubt he can see himself gnawing on it while lying in front of a cozy fireplace.

So, here we are, back at the beginning of this civilized rant. If you are not reading a great book, but are waiting for the movie to come out, you may be suffering from oxygen deprivation to the heart of your imagination. Would I kid you about something so serious?

Only you could imagine such a thing...

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