Crazy Isn't Half-Bad!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

How we face the daily grind of life, can be part personal discipline and part bat-shit crazy!

Yeah, I used that naughty word...crazy!... because it best describes a very human reaction to the human experience.

Life can be defined by the joys, pains, defeats, victories, and every emotion in between, that we experience while living in our mortal state. There are few things more scary than admitting we are finite beings; fragile in body and sometimes, in mind. Hence, the crazy response to existence I referred to earlier.

Don't you think we need to be a tad nutty to get up every day and vanquish the same dumb dragons? They can be intolerable bosses, cheating lovers, disloyal friends, the list goes on and on.

There are a plethora of ailments we suffer from mentally and physically, but we "keep on keeping on" as the saying goes.

We humans, are supposed to be rational, reasoning beings. Our intellect raises us above our fellow creatures, putting us at the top of the food chain; a safer place to inhabit in the greater scheme of things.

There is just one catch; on occasion, we slip the tethers of rationality and well...we get a little nuts!

I have personally blamed this acting-out behavior on my Italian heritage, on being a misunderstood teen, on being an overwhelmed parent, on the cycle of the moon...the list is as endless as the stains on my emotional fabric.

Upon closer evaluation of my life, using the blurry mirror of reflection, I have arrived at this conclusion:

It is perfectly fine to be a bit crazy if it gets you through the hard spots. It's good to let go of all that lead-bottomed rationale and just soar into the daydream you call life. And most of all, it's OK to laugh out loud when you hear some pontificating blow-hard speak of finding answers to the unanswerable.

People may look at you and shake their heads, but then, they'll excuse you, because you are just a tad crazy!

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