It's All About the Kiss!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Now that I piqued your interest with my blog post topic for today, let's talk about romance! Specifically, the kind you find in books.

I have read a few, so-called racy novels by authors of international repute. D.H. Lawrence comes to mind immediately with his work, "Lady Chatterley's Lover".

I was a seventeen year old girl, attending an all girls Catholic academy, when this book started making its way around our small group of seniors.

By the time I got my hands on it, it looked like an artifact recently unearthed from an Egyptian midden site!

My classmates were very shy about their personal reactions to what was considered a risqué work in its day. When asked pointedly how they liked it, most just gave the usual "It's alright" and averted their eyes.

Having seen this rather bland reaction, I didn't have high expectations for anything more scintillating than a study of an aboriginal tribe by the National Geographic, with pictures of half naked people. (Remember, this was a long time a galaxy far away...)

And there it was! The answer to the unformed question in my seventeen year old brain; What makes a book something that touches the human psyche, outside of the reader's own experiences? Imagination!

I read Lawrence's highly regarded work and loved every minute of the sexual adventure his own imaginings provided my very uninformed life. There was nothing overtly lascivious, or pornographic, about the love story of the wealthy Lady Chatterley and her grounds keeper lover. Yet, every encounter they had was highly charged, an electric shock to a young, uninitiated libido!

I have come to understand that writing a wonderful novel in the Romance genre can be accomplished by tapping into the reader's own fantasies and letting the reader do all the heavy lifting (or in this case...breathing).

After all, it isn't the obvious things in life that grab our attention and interest; it's the subtle currents that run through life, that stir our blood and make us dream our dreams.

It's all about the kiss and the emotions that bubble to the surface when their lips are pressed together like flowers in a book!

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