Let Me Tell You A Thing Or Two!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

As a writer,I am always making internal trips; trips down the corridors of my imagination.

These can be short stop-overs for me, while I snatch up a thread of remembered fantasy and weave it into a story I'm trying to tell.

More likely, they are a slow amble along some dimly lit passages, with only glimmers of hazy light guiding my thoughts.

Carefully studying the landscape of ideas, helps me distinguish the good story-lines from the weak ones.

More importantly, I am less likely to create a tightly woven story, only to look back at it and realize a clever plot twist, is merely a knot of lose threads.

It is fairly easy to avoid some glaring plot-knots as I call them, but the smaller, less obvious ones, can trip you up badly!

When I began to write "Wolf Master of Iron Mountain" Book I of my "Witch of Appalachia" series, I found myself back in the rugged mountains of the "Appalachian Trail" fame.

I lived there for a few years, among the deep forests and God-touched beauty of that area.

I placed my main character, Cathleen O'Brien, where I felt comfortable walking beside her. By the way, Cathleen is a Celtic Wizard, trained in a mix of Druid Magic and her own parents Magical styles. She's also something of a Wizard Sleuth in all her stories.

Cathleen is so much fun to travel with, that I wrote Book II "Dangerous Dreaming" that same year.

My third book in this series is moving toward its climax and hopefully, will be ready for first draft rewrites soon. Again, I've taken advantage of places I've some physical connection to in life. I let the story become part of the real world, and weave in the fantasy of my character's Magic to enhance the normal with the paranormal.

So there you have it: a thing or two as promised.

Think of this as a peek into my creative process or, just another bit of blogger license to be heard. Either way, buy my books and go on a journey of your own!

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