Loving Vampires

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Television, movies, books, even one of our favorite holidays, all seem to be enthralled with Vampires.

We can't seem to get enough of the blood-drinking, bat-shrieking, sex-loving Vamps!

Oh Yeah! They love sex!

Vampires, as depicted in the earliest films, are suave, sleek gentlemen, who avidly lust after young girls (supposedly, virgins). Not much has changed in that characterization.

The lovely throats being leered at, are usually part of a voluptuous ensemble of dainty womanhood and panting bosoms. It's easy to see the attraction, right?

Today we can stream (while we scream?) such mega Vampire shows as "True Blood" and "Hemlock Grove" just to name two that I avidly watched. Oh, and "Dusk Till Dawn" about two brothers and one becomes a lover of a beautiful lady Vampire and he turns and...well...you get the idea!

As much variety as these shows seem to offer, the theme is always the same; boy meets girl; girl bites boy or vis a versa. Sigh...so predictable.

Books abound with tales of Vampire love and seductions. Author Anne Rice made her name in blood and sexy Vampires who, as imagined, looked like center folds for "Gentlemen's Quarterly". Women sighed around the world for the touch of their cold hands.

I have finally deciphered the lure of loving Vampires; it's just so... freeing! They take your life-blood; you become a desired being, free to be a bit of a Vamp yourself! Ah! Life can be so simple if you just ...let go...

(Book III in my series has a BEAUTIFUL Vampire...just giving you a heads-up, Tell-Tale Publishing editor!)

"Wolf Master of Iron Mountain" and "Dangerous Dreaming" don't have Vampires, but read them anyway!

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