Making Magic In My Head

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Many people, myself included, wonder how authors find their inspirations. They seem able to take obscure ideas, and spin a yarn from the thinnest of threads. A good writer can seemingly create from air, and fill it with a vibrancy not always found in real life!

Then, I found myself writing the first book of my series; "Witch of Appalachia" and all became apparent.

Writers are dreamers who make Magic in their heads.

Perhaps not the kind of Magic of a Shaman dancing around a fire in a cave, but that's how I found my story and my protagonist.

Cathleen O'Brien is introduced in "Wolf Master of Iron Mountain" Book I. She is a young Celtic Wizard who has been her father's apprentice in the Magical Arts since early childhood. She finds herself in the dark and beautiful Appalachian Mountains where she discovers the evil secrets of the historic town of Iron Mountain. Over the course of her investigation, she finds her Magic pitted against an ancient Skin Walker and his pack of werewolves, bent on the total destruction and domination of the unwary residents.

I wrote "Dangerous Dreaming" Book II as a way to continue Cathleen's story. She is now an establish investigator of things paranormal. This adventure takes her to Utah and the Valley of the Gods. Here, in the heat of the dessert and among the towering red buttes, she investigates the disappearance of several young Wiccan girls from their Coven's religious retreat house. Her new nemesis is the Queen of Rot; once a beautiful woman turned by her evil into a half lizard creature who reigns over the Dark Pit of the Sleepless Dead.

Oh, what fun, to let go of reality and see the Magic all around us!

I am nearly finished the first draft of Book III in this Urban Fantasy Series and hope to get it out to my fans (old and new) soon as I convince my publisher! This time Cathleen will investigate the secrets of China Town in San Fransisco. Did I mention a Dragon and Dark Wizard?

I'd like to paraphrase one of my favorite writers, Mark Twain:

"My books are like water; great writers books are like wine. Everyone drinks water."

Dare I add to such wisdom; everyone wants a touch of Magic in their life; I give you a Wizard and her Magic; I leave the rest to your imagination!

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