Stress Makes Us Human

Published on by Francesca Quarto

In a world, any one's world, where life flickers off and on like a bad light bulb, we pass from bright, happy moments, to long, dark hours, in a blink of the eye.

While we all strive for the perfect life, living it, often means going down twisted alleyways and into unchartered waters.

There is little comfort in knowing others suffer the same vulnerabilities in day-to-day existence. That only acts to magnify the uncertainty of our own safety and well-being.

But I'm here to offer this...The stress that life weaves into our journey on this mortal coil, can be turned into some wonderfully creative opportunities.

Many have lived out their days with terrible handicaps, like Helen Keller. Some, still bear the marks of disease upon life, like Stephen Hawking. Granted, these are remarkable people, way off the scale in matters of IQ. Never-the-less, the stress placed upon them physically, must have taken its toll mentally as well.

Stress can be unquestionably debilitating, causing an overwhelming inertia. It can also churn our innards like a white water rafting trip without a life vest. Stress can come from bad traffic jams, to scary operations. The worse part of stress in many cases, is the feeling of losing control over outcomes.

Welcome to the life of every human that has lived, or ever will live, upon this planet, or any other planet for that matter.

If we could know tomorrow, as intimately as we know the fear of what it will bring, life would simply become a mirror; reflecting the flat experiences of the predictable.

Where would the challenges be that stir our souls to poetry, music, art? Even love takes a leap of faith in the stressful moments of self-doubt.

Not knowing the outcomes of life's circumstances can bring on a creative kind of stress; a stress where we have to reach deep into our humanity to cope. We have a choice when it comes to dealing with the strain of not knowing, the jangled nerves of facing the unavoidable.

Accepting is a form of creative thinking; when you can put aside your stress and acknowledge this is where you are on the journey.

Change what you can and save your energies to create something better for yourself. You get to choose the vehicle; the road is always open up ahead.

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