The Joy of Circles!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

The most obvious of circles to my mind is Stonehenge, set in the rugged south of England. Even though I've never stood in its shadow, I feel a familiar presence whenever I see a picture of this monument to the heavens.

I can almost smell the loamy earth it has stood upon for eons and feel the weight of its mighty stone pillars upon the surface of the world.

In all of man's grand achievement, the circle of the wheel is perhaps his most significant. Being able to move himself as well as heavy objects almost at will, would certainly stand out as an advance for all of human kind.

Reports abound from various points on the globe, of what have been called "crop circles". These have been attributed to extra terrestrials, who, probably out of sheer boredom with our puny efforts to contact them, have laid these uncanny messages upon our fields of beans and corn. Makes perfect sense, unless, of course, wind sheer and other natural phenomena might be more reasonably believed.

I for one, like the notion of many-limbed creatures, with the IQ of Albert Einstein, stamping about to make lovely patterns on our planet that can be seen from their home world. Kind of like the Martha Stewarts of the cosmos.

Since we're looking at more modern day circles, we can't neglect the circle of friends so tidily packaged by our dear leaders at Face Book. My circle is ever growing and I'm delighted to say, I really do know a few of them!

Since today is the race that has captured the nation's attention for one hundred years now, let's look at the Indy 500! The track is probably more of an oval, but that's just a flatter circle.

The drivers in this contest will be pushing their low-flying jets on wheels (see, I was right about the wheel thing...) around and around, until 500 miles of track have been eaten up like hot dogs at a ball game! Unlike that sport, however, the focus on the cars is about as clear as the Mississippi River (trust me on that one...). The sheer speed of each car as it zooms around the black road of seemingly endless laps, tends to blur the cars unless you have the eyesight of a bald eagle (Memorial Day called for a nod at the patriotic...).

This could cause most folks to choke a bit on their brats, but the trusty sports casters have it covered for any soul who wondered who just streaked by the checkered flag. I actually believe they have memorized all the logos plastered all over each race car and can identify them at a glance. Problem solved.

I'll leave you with one more circle to consider; it is based loosely on the philosophy of "paying it forward". This can be a delightful circle when you are on either end actually. Whether you are giving or receiving, the circle closes with the kindness of the gesture and the smile that warms you inside and out!

Happy Memorial Day Friends!

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