Books are my therapy!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Whenever life starts to ram its bony elbows into my ribs, I turn to my bookshelf to resurrect a favorite book and find some needed relief.

In the span of days I've already spent in our ever-mutating world, I have discovered that there is no remedy for the crazies like a good read!

I've never considered myself an introverted person, I don't usually avoid contact with others and I can't remember when I was ever afraid to enter a place crowded with people.

Lately, after the constant recounting of the murderous attacks on vulnerable men and women, I am experiencing a change.

Nothing dramatic; more like the slow-moving iceberg that inevitably plows a path through unyielding earth. I am more aware of the forces pressing upon us all; powerful and unstoppable like the blue ice.

There is no recourse to denial as I now must admit; we live in a world of beauty and terror; of life and destruction of life; of disaster and hope.

My books are my instant remedy to the darker maladies, if only for the brief time I turn the pages.

Fortunately for me, as a writer, I can also create my own worlds, where characters are familiar to me and I can control the outcome of their existence.

I can play at being god-like...while I wish God would play that role more often!

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