Finding A Voice In All The Chaos

Published on by Francesca Quarto

No writer wants to feel like their words have dried up inside their head. It's just as frustrating to search for a good idea that can become the genesis of a great story.

Writing, after all, is not just a job, but rather it's a calling. Like any vocation, becoming a commercially successful author, takes dedication, energy, and a single-mindedness that would be the envy of any professional athlete.

Acknowledging the challenges of this profession, one can only stand in awe of writers whose names have repeatedly appeared on every kind of best-seller list. To my mind, these authors occupy a place in the pantheon of literature regardless of the weightiness of their story, or the lack of intellectual cache.

Today's market place is awash in books of every conceivable genre, including a new one I heard referred to the other day; "Flash Fiction". It seems fairly self explanatory, but "flash"??Really?? I guess this is the busy writer's version of a short story sans plot twists, character development and maybe storyline. Who knew?

The writers that have made their voices heard in a world as chaotic as ours, are doing more than just getting books published.

They are providing the quiet spaces between the pages of those books, that keep us all centered on our humanity, and our own place in the world.

They have given voice to many a fantasy and fear and taken us in with their imagining a world we want to live in until the last page.

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