How Angels Work!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Growing up, my child's imagination was often stoked to red hot, with pictures of religious icons, like those of the martyred saints on holy cards and splashed across the stained glass windows of our church.

But perhaps the most alluring to me were the renditions of those Heavenly beings; the Angels.

I remember gazing dreamily at the artist's concept of a Guardian Angel; one appointed to watch over us from birth to death. Naturally, death was a concept as alien to me then, as sprouting those Angel wings would have been.

Going through life knowing there was a disembodied companion at one's side, can be a comforting belief, or, a rather disconcerting notion. After trying to escape my mother's vigilant eyes, I now had to contend with an invisible critic.

I worried that my more nefarious deeds were being marked down in my Guardian Angel's diary, for later review by the Almighty. Of course, that would take place on a "Judgment Day"... whatever that was!

Well, I have recently discovered some Angels don't have wings. In fact, they walk among us like everyday folk.

They are rubbing elbows with us in grocery stores, letting us pull into traffic by graciously stopping, inquiring about the health of a loved one, when they could have ignored the concern in our eyes.

Now I know, they can be walking behind a lawn mower and trimming the tall grasses along a fenced yard, just as easily as they can fly.

Waking up this morning, after an already long and tiring week, and at the tale-end of a month of medical trauma, my husband and I were greeted by a neatly trimmed and mowed yard. We stared in open disbelief at the sight and kept checking and rechecking the accuracy of our discovery.

We were gone most of the day yesterday and someone had taken advantage of our absence to render a beautiful lawn service!

Well,now I know something else about Angels; they are boundless in their kindness and compassionate when they see our needs can often outweigh our abilities.

The Angels that lightened our burden yesterday may not have feathery wings, but to my mind they deserve a pair! Their act of kindness was unexpected and unrewarded, but then, that's exactly how Angels operate!

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Francesca Quarto 06/26/2016 23:17

If life was comprised only of the generous souls, would our perceptions of kindness be diminished by its constant presence? Perhaps we are hard-wired to expect the least amount of good in others so that we can appreciate its gift, even in its paucity.

cha cha 06/26/2016 20:52

nice people do nice things not mysterious compassionate and neighborly lacking of these qualities is the mystery too many people are distracted in their daily micrcosims to alot ttime for actions that create the good feeling of being able to give and giving jewish proverb :"he who gives without thinking gives twice