"Mole Town" A Very, Very Short Tale

Published on by Francesca Quarto

They weren't always blind as bats flitting through a summer twilight. In fact, most had perfect vision, perfect hearing, excellent olfactory abilities and mostly, really perfect lives.

Their lives were separated into two kinds of days; really good days and really great days. That all came to an abrupt end, when she came to town.

It wasn't called "Mole Town" back then, but rather "Blue Skies Corner". Just the azure dome above them, in their little corner of the great expanse of the world.

Her name was never known, but then no one bothered to ask what it was. In fact, because she was so obviously a stranger in Blue Skies, no one spoke to her at all. Instead, they let her drift around town like a bad odor. Stopping briefly at various storefronts, peering at cheerful displays and moving on to the next, after leaving an ugly smudge of finger prints on window sills and panes.

This silent investigation by the stranger would have been observed by everyone in any case, but the way she was dressed, nearly screamed out for their full attention.

Her wiry frame was covered from her shaggy head of coarse black hair, to her bare feet, by a voluminous, dung colored, shift.

Though her feet were shoe-less, everyone could hear her approach. Her long, curling toenails, made screeching sounds like finger nails on a chalk board, along the perfectly lovely paving bricks that graced the walk ways.

She had just about completed the circuit of the town square when a mother carrying a small child wrapped in a soft blue shawl, stepped directly into her path.

Looking frightened and anxious upon looking at her, the young mother tried to move around the stranger. A quick, bony hand jutted out from the dung colored garb and before the mother could react, her baby was gone.

The mother gave throat to a howl of anguish, but no one in the town rushed to her aide. She kept up her caterwauling as the stranger turned on her bare feet and tucking the baby under her fleshless arm, walked into the lush green park at the end of the town square. She quickly disappeared among the perfectly kept shrubbery and flowers and trees.

The mother stood frozen in horror and then in rage. She turned to the many townsfolk that were by then peeking from around corners and out of store fronts.

"I curse you for your indifference to my need. I curse you for your lack of courage. I curse you as the blindest of the blind!"

To this day, and many eons later, generations upon generations have passed their lives as unseeing, unfeeling, unknowing creatures. They are truly moles. Living their lives out without the sight to see any evil that comes among them. Curiously, the mother who lost her babe to the stranger, eventually raised a foundling left at her door in the dark of night. According to the note scrawled on a piece of pale felt wool, his name was Merlin.

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