Once Upon An Ending

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Ever wonder what happens to a writer when they finish writing a book?

I was always curious about this phase in the creation process. You know... where energy, time and imagination have all intermingled, until a story is conceived, fleshed out and then told; written with the ink of creative juices, in the blinding light of hope.

Whether a tome like War and Peace, or a Comic Book about Spider Man, there is an undeniable synergistic bond between talent and the act of authorship.

But what does an author do after that coupling has served its purpose and a new work is born.

Well, I for one, having just completed the third book of my Urban Fantasy series, have begun the arduous, sometimes painful process, of self-editing.

Acknowledging that most human endeavor comes with its particular flaws, some more noticeable than others, I am now searching out these offending items.

Plots with too many kinks in them need to be unraveled and smoothed out; conversations that hint at unspoken conclusions must be clarified, characters should have life-like characteristics that better define their role and intentions.

There are so many pitfalls to writing, any writing, that have to be addressed by the author. One can honestly say, it's like writing the book over.

One also has to be as objective as possible considering authorship. You need to be ready to slash and burn and take no prisoners as you plunge into the story with your delete button always at the ready.

And that's only the first part of the editing of the first draft. There will be a second edit to tighten things up, change color and add background. Anything that will breath life into the story.

I hope you'll look at my books, "Wolf Master of Iron Mountain" and "Dangerous Dreaming" and hopefully, I'll add to the series soon with "Blood of the Dragon". Stay tuned and send some good karma my way as I move through the editing of that book; it could look like a massacre of red ink!

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