The Erotic In Us All

Published on by Francesca Quarto

You can deny it to the heavens; take all day if you want. The truth, to my mind, will never change.

Every human has some amount of erotic fantasy buzzing around in their head from time to time. It may even migrate to other body regions, but all in all, it is indicative to being a part of the bipedal race, Homo sapiens.

I find it vastly amusing when I hear, otherwise, perfectly sane people, rave on about the unnatural and immoral influence of the erotic, or highly charged romantic works of art. That manly includes books and movies, but even comic books.

Mankind has always looked to the human form for artistic display and decoration. We have also used the differences between the sexes to manifest the important societal roles played by each gender.

The beliefs behind all of the gods of Greek, Roman, Native American, or other non-Christian or Judaic cultures, imbue the individual god with qualities strongly associated to a particular sex.

By doing this, they subtly and sometimes not so subtly, acknowledge the impact of certain male or female characteristics upon the well-being of the society as a whole.

I can't help but wonder how some prudish people would react to watching Picasso as he painted his famous nudes while studying the lovely lines of his model. And who hasn't heard of the hot series cum movie, "Fifty Shades of Gray"? I couldn't make it through the first chapter, but that was a matter of personal taste in style, not outright condemnation of the writer, or the book!

I have found myself saying, that I sometimes find it hard to be human, with all the limitations of time and talent which that implies.

But truly, I have never denied that I enjoy the feeling of being drawn into a scintillating situation with a heroine or hero, because those feelings are so human.

When it comes to the geography of the human libido, I think of it in this metaphoric way: There is a bridge called "Imagination" spanning a shallow body of inviting, crystal clear water, lying between what is considered healthy normal, and morally sick or corrupted.

We have all been exposed to both sides of that bridge in the course of our lives.

It is up to each of us to decide which side to stand on while we watch the world go round! To deny ourselves the occasional dipping of our toe does not make us better humans, it only demonstrates our reluctance to alter our comfort zone regarding things sexual.

As an author, I say, don't castigate the reader of steamy romance novels, even if they don't reach the level of literature by critical standards.

Let each reader stand by the bridge and make their own choice; is it worth something to them personally, to cross over to the other side?

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