The Peculiar Reality of Fantasy

Published on by Francesca Quarto

This coming June 17th, I'm going to be a presenter, a fancy word for talking, from 12:00 to 1:00, at the upcoming "Indy PopCon", being held at the Indianapolis Convention Center.

This opportunity is an unexpected honor, but one that comes with some trepidation on my part.

Not that I don't love raising my voice above the crowd and having my thoughts on the process of writing heard. It's just that this crowd really gets Fantasy!

When I began writing the first book in my "Witch of Appalachia" series, it seemed natural that I chose Urban Fantasy as my genre. I felt comfortable in the company of Wizards, werewolves and demons of various stripe.

These were characters that I developed to tell my tale in "Wolf Master of Iron Mountain" and "Dangerous Dreaming".

I am quickly approaching the final chapters of writing in the third book in my series. I happily have discovered other denizens of the Dark to populate this fantasy mystery and challenge the young Celtic Wizard, Cathleen O'Brien.

So what's my hesitation in doing a talk on Fantasy and writing?

As I said, the folks that attend PopCon and like events, are not just casual fans of this particular form of imaginative expression. They are connoisseurs of it! From comic books and movies, to books and video games, these folks take Fantasy into their lives like a spacecraft takes to the great expanse!

I well may be expounding on the joy of writing fantasy, to folks dressed as their favorite comic book character or super hero. I'm wondering how I'll feel looking out at an audience where the only peculiar looking person is the speaker,

Let's face it, I am still a neophyte to this world of fantasy. But by the bones of the High King, Brian Boru, I can, by the gods, craft a spell! (with the help of my Druid Dictionary!)

I may resort to spell casting as a last resort if the audience is unfriendly...

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