What Dogs Know About Us

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Let's get one thing straight from the beginning; no one owns a dog. The human component of the equation, dog plus man, has merely provided the domicile and physical needs to his canine companion. This, in and of itself, does not make you an owner of another being.

So now you might think I've over-stepped the bounds of common sense, but I have my theory.

Dogs come in as many types, personalities and temperaments as we humans do. They can be irascible, loving, comical, concerned, mischievous and loyal beyond understanding.

Most of us share at least some of these qualities to some degree, but dogs seem to have a purer version of these characteristics. Why is that? My theory suggests that dogs are forgiving!

People can be self-absorbed; dogs are focused on their human family at all times.

People can be short tempered and act out their frustrations; dogs reflect the human family and if well-loved and cared for, they are not prone to aggressive behavior.

People can trade friendship for convenience as easily as changing socks; dogs are loyal to their human family and don't ever trade on false affection.

Well, you get the idea behind my theory. Dogs have a forgiving nature when it comes to our human foibles.

They share our homes and lives and need only the minimum of attention to be content.

There are times I wished I could have told my own dog, Ollie, how much I loved him and enjoyed our long friendship...but then...I think he was smart enough to know. They always do!

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