Growing Old Dis---Gracefully!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

OK, so it's a terrible word play, but it got your attention! I was at a loss as to how I'd talk about the aging process today.

This is the time of Botox and body sculpting. It seems there is no end to the products and medical services available to the aging adults among us; and to be honest, I must include myself in that category.

One year, when I turned older than the dust woozles under my bed, yet still younger than daughter offered to get me Botox injections for my birthday.

I assumed she meant them to be put into my face, but then there were those odd dimples in my thighs...

Now these injections into one's sub dermal areas, have all the appeal to me as sucking an apricot pit for the arsenic content!

Botox is the rage among those fighting the effects of too many days bathing in ultra violet light and well...just passing too many birthdays! The Botox numbs or deadens the creases and wrinkles that cause lines (trenches in my case) to form on the once youthful face staring back at you in the mirror.

My husband suggested I just wear my hair in a bun and he'd oblige me by giving it a sharp turn every now and then. An instant face lift as he sees it. While I applauded his vivid imagination and unique solution to aging, I immediately had my hair cut short so he wouldn't be tempted.

Since my daughter needed an answer to her generous offer I thought long and hard on the situation. I now have a new bread maker!

The number of face products crowding our store shelves seems to grow daily. To my mind, this reflects the obsession with youth that seems to be the fuel driving the engine of our society.

Modern America has elevated being young to the status of a religion; a cult of beauty worshipers bowing to a jar of Olay on a pedestal! And that's just the female gender!

There was a time, not too distant, that age could wear the face of experience and feel proud to say "I'm retired". Somehow, today, that sounds like an instant indictment of your energy level and hairline, not to mention your sex life!

Giving advise seems the prerogative of the older generation. They have already lived the lives the young are chasing after. They have raised the families, paid the mortgages, funded the schooling, put some dreams on hold and looked to the young to carry on without them.

The advise isn't always sought after and sometimes it's better to find out about life by living it. Anyway, being young looking isn't all it's cracked up to be; getting carded going to a casino is downright embarrassing...yeah...right....

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