"Humpty Dumpty" Takes A Dive

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Nursery rhymes and fairy tales often have hidden messages and morals if you listen closely enough. But who the heck does that as a squirmy two or three year old?

I have vague memories of concern for little Hansel and Gretel as they gnawed away at the witch's candy house. I clearly recollect the illustrations of the little tykes depicting chubby kids, in oddly prissy outfits. I immediately became obsessed with body image and fashion. I've been on a diet since age four and for many years, Barbi was my fashion icon.

There was a similar response when Humpty Dumpty perched himself precariously upon the wall. Granted, I also thought he was surely the village idiot for doing something so reckless in his fragile condition. Guess in the final analysis, Humpty's ill conceived plan, just left him with egg on his face.

I learned an important lesson though; I never to put my faith in any man to help me get my head together ...even if he acts like one of the king's knights.

I used to think that Cinderella was beautiful,but as dumb as a box of cinders! Who would ever scrub floors and mend someone else's clothes and do it all for nothing? Well, Equal Pay for Equal Work was probably as unknown as a concept, as family planning back when the story was written. But Disney lost a great opportunity to fight for better wages for women. Go figure...

The Three Little Pigs seems best viewed in the light of the housing bubble...I mean they thought everything they built was hunky dory until the big bad banks..I mean wolf came along and undid their safe little homes.

I could go on, but I'm too tired and thinking of bed. Perhaps I'll sleep better than last night. I couldn't find a comfortable spot at all! It felt like there was something under the mattress...hmmm

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