Writing Books Is A Hazard to Your Health!

Published on by Francesca Quarto

Don't be fooled by the glint in their eyes, or glow of good health, in the glossy photos of authors you see on book jackets.

The smiling, engaging people, their names emblazoned on the fronts of every printed story they claim authorship of, have submitted to the rigors of make-up artists and photographers, with steady hands and lots of patience.

After hours of hacking away at the little black and white letters on the key board of a computer, the writer is subject to a slow decline into the dark side of creativity; reality!

You aren't a composite of hero and villain, you are merely a bundle of stiff muscles and back aches. Some days, there's the headache that encircles your head like a crown, proclaiming you a royal dimwit who doesn't know when to surrender to the enemy that wears the face of a clock.

The only preternatural energy to be found in an author's life, resides in the persona created to bend the enemy to his will, and the gorgeous woman over the bed. Both scenarios can read like heart-pounding realism depending on the talents of the writer. Or, too often, they can sound like a toothpaste commercial when heard by the inner voice of the reader.

But these pitfalls of the author are only a few that haunt their efforts as they endeavor to create the novel of a lifetime. This focused purpose can often lead to the physical maladies already alluded to above; troubling body aches, piercing head throbbing and though we must delicately mention it here, the annoying clamor of bodily functions while in the thrall of one's muse!

The mark of reality is upon the author as indelibly as it is upon any mere human, though many would try to mask it with these crafted pictures.

Smiling and glowing with the richness of a magical life, untouched by human frailty, these writers give hope to their readers; hope that if these over-worked freaks of nature can push out book after book like a sausage making machine, they too may ward off the ravages of time. They might be able to slap on a touch of magic from the make-up counter, or hide shoots of gray that crop up like weeds in the garden of youth.

Ah, yes! Writers are a special breed of actors. Acting like super models for their fans or the curious browser; see those shiny eyes and perfect complexions? If you believe that's really them..have I got a great home in Florida to sell you...it's on a lovely canal and near the ocean...What alligator??? What do you mean...red tide???!!

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